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Introducing our law firm


Thea Artemis

Thea Artemis is a leading Non-Performing Loan servicer in Greece fully licensed and regulated by the Bank of Greece, since 2017 (Bank of Greece - Credit and Insurance Committee Decision No 225/12.4.2017, based on Law 4354/2015). Thea Artemis is headquartered in Athens and provides services across Greece, both to Financial Institutions /Investors and to Borrowers.

Our aim

Thea Artemis delivers holistic, effective and efficient strategy for the management and servicing of assets and portfolios, with high integrity, within an ethical and socially responsible and transparent business framework.


Our way to servicing

A highly specialized team with many years of experience in banking and NPL sector, locally and internationally, assures the use of best industry practices.


Corporate Governance

 Quality, experience and expertise of our Management Team, along with an always up to date Policies and Procedures framework ensures efficient and effective corporate governance.


Effective communication management is of major importance for us. We welcome your opinion as an important source of information.

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