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Thea Artemis Services

We have established a robust, dynamic, specialised servicer, managing in the most effective and efficient way a full range of debt portfolios, secured and non-secured.

Retail  |  SME’s  |  Corporate

Tested  Know-How

Our Way to Servicing

Our people, tools and infrastructure, as well as a highly qualified network of partners, allow us to efficiently deliver results. 

Our People

Our team consists of people with many years of experience in banking and NPL sector, both locally and internationally, with high integrity and social responsibility towards their duties. Finding the best solution for all parties using amicable practices consists our major priority.  

Data Analysis

& Systemic Infrastructure

  • Data Analysis & Systemic Infrastructure

  • Advanced NPL/ collection platform

  • Sophisticated Collateral Management System

  • Data Analysis Systems and Models

Wide network of Partners/Service providers

  • Real Estate Agencies

  • Legal Firms

  • Valuers

  • Debt Notification Agencies

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