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Our aim

Our aim is to deliver holistic, effective and efficient strategy for the management and servicing of assets and portfolios, with high integrity, within an ethical and socially responsible and transparent business framework.

Our Aim

Our Way to Servicing

We have created a highly sophisticated business model, able to adapt in continuous developments in both external and internal environment, allowing us to operate effectively and deliver successful and prospering outcomes.


Corporate Governance

A well rounded Board of Directors, with extensive experience in banking, finance and consulting, retaining affiliation with industries internationally, ensures the efficiency of our corporate governance.

Our professionals remain a cut above the competition, boasting an impressive track record in the sector.

The Board of Directors of Thea Artemis consists of:

Vasiliki Myller-Igknay Chair, Executive Member

Paul Marchese Vice Chair, Non-Executive Member​

Michael Eftychiou CEO, Executive Member

Anna Vasilatou Executive Member

Dimitris Kapotopoulos Independent Non-Executive Member

Dimitris Petrilis Independent Non-Executive Member

Ethics and Complince

Ethics and compliance

Thea Artemis provides high quality services with a strong sense of social responsibility and in full compliance with the regulatory framework.

Code of Conduct

  1. The Revised Code of Conduct was issued by decision of the Credit and Insurance Committee of the Bank of Greece (Meeting 392 / 1 / 31.05.2021).

  2. The Code has been developed based on international best practices and describes the steps that borrowers and also banks and companies managing receivables arising from loans and credits must follow, as well as the required information exchange, in order to identify the most appropriate solution for each case.

For any Compliance issue or Complaints, you are encouraged to communicate with Thea Artemis through the dedicated e-mail addresses:

Compliance Issues:


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